Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I love.

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Shampoo & Conditioner

You can find it in the "Ethnic Hair" section wherever you buy shampoo. My hair has become dry and brittle, and this works wonders.

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Oh dear, this stuff is good. It figures I'd discover it after gastric bypass...

Oil of Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream

I still love Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel, but my skin (like my hair) has gotten dry and I suddenly aged 10 years. Highly moisturizing Mary Kay products hurt my eyes for some odd reason. So, I decided to give the Olay a try. It's awesome. And it smells wonderful, too.

My Refrigerator

It's a Kenmore side-by-side with filtered ice and water in the door. I can never go back to a regular refrigerator again.

House Hunters International

I got hooked on the British version when we lived in Germany and I watched the BBC all the time. The American version is essentially the same. They follow someone looking for a house to buy in a foreign country. My favorite is when it's an American doing the house hunting in Europe and they whine and whine about tiny kitchens and no closets. I hate when they have episodes in Canada. I feel gypped. There's nothing foreign or exotic about a condo in Ontario. (See it on HGTV weeknights at 10 pm Eastern)

The Y

Crazy, naked people. Lots of equipment and classes to choose from. 90 minutes a day without the kids. What's not to love?

Mary Kate & Ashley Cosmetics

I didn't deliberately set out to buy their products, but three times now I have been looking for lip gloss or eye liner or blush and their line has carried exactly what I was looking for. And when I actually used it, I found it to be good quality stuff. So, even though I feel a little silly being a 33 year old buying Olsen Twin merchandise, I'm going to keep doing it. I particularly like their big fat eye crayons. I have a bronze one I use daily.

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