Friday, July 10, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic #2

Alrighty, folks, it's time for this week's lunchtime poll.

But first, an announcement. As of this morning I've lost 100 pounds since my surgery on January 14th. Yay me! That's a grand total of 130 pounds lost since I started the whole process in September. Just 25 more to go.

Now back to your regularly scheduled lunchtime poll.

What's the most annoying and/or disturbing
commercial you've ever seen?

And let's take the Head On (Apply directly to the forehead! Apply directly to the forehead!!!) commercial out of the running because I think it's safe to say it's the most annoying commercial ever created in the history of television.

Also, when considering your answer rememeber that it's in poor taste to speak ill of the dead.

The most disturbing and annoying commercials I've ever seen are the ones for Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. You know, the ones with the bears with the clumps of feces smeared, bargain brand toilet paper stuck to their butt fur?

I guess dingleberries just aren't the thing to convince me to buy a product.

So, let's hear yours. And bonus points if you include the link to a video of the commercial you most love to hate.

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