Thursday, July 9, 2009

I weep for the future.

So, the other night I happened to catch a re-run of of the 2/14/2009 Saturday Night Live Episode. The Jonas Brothers were the musical guests.

I had never actually ever heard any of their music or watched them perform before. I tuned in just as they were beginning a song.

I swear to you, I thought it was skit. I was laughing and thinking what a good job they were doing of parodying bad teen music, complete with pained facial expressions, pubescent-boy voice squeaks a la Peter Brady and cheesy faux-rocker dance moves.

Then I realized it wasn't a skit. It was really their performance.

NBC has pulled most of the videos of this off the internet (believe me, I just spent thirty minutes searching for one that didn't say it had been deleted by NBC). But, I did find one that someone recorded with a handheld camera. I can't embed it, so you'll have to go to the link to watch it.

I promise it will be worth your time.

Click HERE for the travesty that is the Jonas Brothers.
It's like a bad car accident. You can't look away no matter how much you want to.

Also, there are a couple of times in there that I was pretty certain that the Jonas Brother in the middle was going to french kiss the Jonas Brother on the left. And then maybe hump his leg. Tell me what you think.

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