Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Update Volume XI

1. Do not go see the movie Up unless you are prepared to cry like a little sissy-girl. If you're O.K. with crying in a cinema, then by all means, go see it. It's really, really good. But you will cry. I cried and we all know that I'm cold and heartless.

2. Awww, look. It's Charlotte right here on my back door.

Die, Charlotte, die.

3. 101 pounds down. 24 to go.

I find it amusing that in the before picture, taken the first week of January, I'm wearing short sleeves, capris and flip flops. I was probably sweating, too. In the after, taken today--midway through July in Georgia--I'm wearing 2 layers, including a sweater. And I was freezing all through church. Funny what losing nearly 1/2 of your body weight will do.

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