Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessions: Tagged Edition

Anyone know what this is? I don't.

So, my friend April gave me a blog award of some sort (honestly, I'm a little confused about what the award is for, but hey--an award is an award. I'll take it). And really, this award is just a tag disguised as something awesome, like an award. But since it's from April, whom I've known for 22 years, known before PMS and bras were a part of life, known before either of us completely lost all our baby teeth, I'll go with it.

Anyway, the tag part of the award is that I have to tell you ten things about myself that you probably don't know.

Umm, seriously? Do any of you really think there are ten whole things about myself that I haven't overshared with you already?

Let's see...

1. We bought a new van last night. We found a screaming deal (so screaming, in fact, that we finally just came out and asked the dealer why the heck they were selling it for more that $2000 under the Blue Book value). Anyway, it's a 2004 Toyota Sienna. It's an eight seater. It has a DVD player (that currently doesn't work, but Will can probably fix it) and wireless headphones. It's got 122,000 miles (part of why it was so cheap). The front brakes may need to be fixed, but they're going to check them/repair them as part of the purchase deal when we take it back in on Saturday so they can detail clean it. So, it's not perfect, but the price was very right, it's in excellent mechanical condition and did I mention the price was right? Also, it's still the newest vehicle we've ever owned. And not the highest mileage vehicle we've ever bought.

There it is, right next to the big honkin' pick-up.

2. I was ready to return the van this afternoon because it's covered in friggin' dog hair. You know how I feel about dogs. The hair is one of the myriad reasons I feel that way. I was completely grossed out putting my grocery bags in it. I just keep reminding myself that it will be hair free and sparkly clean with shampooed carpet and upholstery on Saturday morning. We simply bought it before it even made it out to the lot so none of that was done.

(See how I worked an entirely unrelated blog post about our new van into this tag-disguised-as-an-award post? I'm good.)

3. Number ten on the playlist ---> is one of my all time most favorite songs ever, and I'm perturbed that it's only played at Christmastime.

4. I bought Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scented oil for my Wallflowers because the Christmas music has put me in the holiday spirit even though it's 95 degrees and mid-July.

5. I dislike tags.

6. I dislike a lot of things.

7. Despite my dislike of children, the elderly and people in general, I love babies.

8. I really like to sweat, but only from hard work or exercise--not from heat and humidity. I get a sick little thrill after my workouts because the front of my shirt is soaked and my hair is dripping.

9. I like how Listerine burns.

10. I'm currently menstruating, which may explain numbers five and six.

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