Monday, July 13, 2009

Like, totally.

So, do you remember The Angry Chicken? One thing I didn't mention about her is that she looks like she just stepped out of 1986. She wears Flashdance style sweat shirts--you know, with the sleeves and collar cut off and worn off one shoulder. And a side ponytail (with a scrunchie, of course). And high top Reeboks with neon slouchy socks.

Now, if she were not The Angry Chicken, I might think she was wearing the 80s gear ironically. Like those people who wear Mr. Bubble t-shirts. Or trucker hats. But she is The Angry Chicken, and I detect not one iota of self deprecating, fun loving irony about her. I think she thinks she looks hot, because possibly she and her ass looked hot in those clothes 20 years ago.

I passed her as I was coming out of The Y this morning. She was wearing the usual 80s uniform, but her Flashdance sweatshirt had a picture on it.

This picture.

Beauty and the Beast circa 1987, for those of you who were living under a rock or had not been conceived yet.

I know!!

I told her that her shirt was totally awesome.
And I even kind of meant it.

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