Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Update Volume X

1. We were mean parents and didn't go to any fireworks this year. We were planning to go to the fireworks show on the military post Thursday night, but the kids were being obnoxious. We warned them and warned them and gave them chances to earn the privilege back, but they just couldn't pull it together and behave for 5 minutes, so they went to bed early instead. Maybe next year.

2. I have not lost a single pound in a month, so no picture this time. Sorry. By the way, you want to know what I was told to do to kick start the weight loss again? Eat more. Like, 300 calories a day more. I was eating around 900 a day and have been medically advised to eat 1200. That's a lot of calories to start adding in. Unfortunately it's not like I can start eating pizza and chips again. They're supposed to be "high quality" calories. So I'm drinking 2 additional protein shakes a day. It's been 3 days. I still haven't lost, but I haven't gained, either, so I guess that's good.

3. We're still waiting for insurance money so we can start shopping for a new van. We did get pre-approval for a car loan, though, so that's good. In the meantime, our insurance policy provides a rental car for up to 30 days. Silly us waited until Friday of the 4th of July long weekend to go get it. Therefore, we got the last vehicle available.

Yup. A big honkin' pick up truck.
It reeks of cigarette smoke and all the radio stations were programmed to country.


4. Since Will was off on Friday, he came to the Y to swim laps with me. I totally kicked his butt. He gave up after 10 laps and went to soak in the hot tub while I finished my 35. Sissy.

5. I had something else to tell you, but I'm drawing a complete blank. I'll come back and update it if I remember what it was.

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