Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Appropriateness Police strike again.

But at least this time it's not me they're harassing.

Courtney (another LDS blogger) of CJane Enjoy It wrote a post the other day about a dining out experience. She called it "orgasmic." Some people went crazy and accused her of being pornographic. Seriously. Read the discussion here.

Here's a news flash for those of you who feel the need to take it upon yourselves to stand as self righteous judge and jury when you feel someone is inappropriate: You are doing more to hurt the "image" of the LDS church than whatever the perceived inappropriateness was in the first place. Speaking as someone who did not become LDS until I was an adult, let me tell you that the self righteousness of many members is probably the biggest reason people dislike the church.

I'm not saying you should tolerate things you feel go against gospel teachings. However, there are better ways to teach true principles. Be an example. Be kind. If you are a friend, speak to the person privately--don't reprimand them publicly on their blog. You only end up looking like an ass. If you are not close enough to the person to be comfortable talking to them, then you probably aren't the person to be pointing out their inappropriateness in the first place. If you want to say certain things are inappropriate, start your own damn blog and post about how inappropriate others are.

O.K., I'm done ranting.

For today, anyway.

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