Friday, June 5, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Not really. More like random snippets of things that I've thought about posting but didn't really warrant a post of their own.

1. I live here, people. This is not a picture found on Google images. This is a picture I took just down the road.

2. I have rekindled my imaginary romance with Wil Wheaton. He and I? We were meant to be. He just doesn't know it. Did you know that he's a writer now? And a blogger? I'm in love.

3. I want this book. If you click the link, scroll down and watch the video, unless you find sex and humor inappropriate.

4. Speaking of inappropriate, are you frigging kidding me? I post word for word an Ensign article written by a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, where the only words I posted of my own were vehemently agreeing with every word he said, and still I get hate mail from other LDS church members saying I'm being inappropriate again. Watch out, Elder Holland. Next they'll be shutting your blog down, too.

5. OnStar commercials on the radio make me cry. Even the ones where they just unlock the door because someone locked the keys inside.

6. We're only two weeks into Summer vacation and I want to sell the kids on e-bay.

7. I still think the people on the Air France jet are on The Island with Sawyer.

8. I just bought a size 8 swimsuit and I feel pretty fabulous in it (I'm also wearing size 8 tops. I'm in size 10 pants if they're stretchy, but I'm still borderline 12/14 in jeans.)

9. Peanut Butter powder may just be the best invention since Al Gore created the internet. Yummy, yummy, nearly fat free peanut buttery goodness.

10. I just typed up a whole thing for this one and realized that it actually does warrant a whole post, so you'll find out number 10 tomorrow.

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