Friday, June 26, 2009

Why do people even go there?

Worn out on the way home

O.K., so we're home now.

Before I tell you about where we did go, I suppose I'm obligated to talk about Michael Jackson.
Umm, a crotch grabbing, high pitched squealing freak who likely molested (or at least acted inappropriately with) young boys died suddenly. So sorry. If this had happened back in 1983, I might be upset. I feel bad for his children--They not only lost their only parent, but he was so deep in debt that their only inheritance will likely be calls from collection agents.


As I mentioned before, we went to Orlando but Not Disney. In case you missed the debate (and why we would go to Orlando and not go to Disney), you can read about it here.

Orlando is hot. And expensive. And it's just not the kind of place I enjoy. It's not even a pretty city. Anything remotely beautiful or interesting is fake. Man made. A sorry re-creation. Why pay out the nose to see artificial sights when I could go see the real thing? The cost of admission to Epcot would buy you a plane ticket to Europe.

I know some of you out there love Orlando and all it has to offer, especially Disney World. That's your thing--more power to you. It's simply not mine.

The only theme park we visited was Sea World. The shows were good, the lines weren't horrible (Except at the gate to get through security. If we hadn't already forked over the money for a ticket we might have left right then). There was plenty for all three kids to enjoy. The downside was that we paid $10 for THREE small bottles of water and then $60 for lunch. Two hot dogs, two barbecue pork sandwiches (and it was probably Lloyd's babrbecue pork from a tub), a wrap with ham, some grapes, an order of soggy fries and five drinks. $60. We only spent $50 at TGI Friday's the night before and had steaks and ribs and chicken and mac-n-cheese made with bleu and gruyere cheeses.

Most of my Sea World pictures look like this.
It was supposed to be of Shamu leaping out of the water.

Anyway, the things that the kids seemed to like best were free. We went to the M&M store in a local mall, we went to Cocoa Beach (which I didn't love--I hate touristy beaches--but the kids really had a great time) the Lego store in Downtown Disney and hanging out in the pool. Oh, and being completely spoiled by their grandparents. They really liked that part. And that's the only reason we went in the first place.

The kids with Will's mom at Cocoa Beach.
For those of you clamoring for more random pics of me, that's me in the green shirt on the left.

My favorite part of the trip was when we stopped in St. Augustine and Anastasia Island on the way home. I could spend a week there quite happily. That's my kind of vacation--wandering through the cobbled streets of the old town seeing the remnants of the old Spanish colony, walking along the white powdery sand on the quiet beach, stopping into antique shops and local artisan shops...That's what I love. I'm thinking that will be our next vacation.

And there was a tragedy while we were away.

The Hula-girl killer is on the loose again.

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