Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tangerine Dream.

Will here-

Brandi's out wheeling around the neighborhood at 9:34pm. ON A BIKE. An Orange sculpture of drawn and welded metal, with a black flowered seat, Wide Handlebars with faux leather handgrips, and Whitewall tires.

We were at the shop to get my new bike tuned up, and the bikes were 10% off, and they're good for you, and I've wanted to go for bike rides with the whole family, and...

For the geeks out there, it's a "Simple W" built by Giant Bicycles. A super-light aluminum frame with chromoly fork, single speed with coaster brake, 26-inch tires, and seriously, it's very lightweight. It wears "tangerine" paint. It was kind of expensive, (More than my first "real" mountain bike in the early 1990s, ) but should last a lifetime. We realized on the way home that it's a "Signal Corps" bike- Orange and White are the colors of the US Army Signal Corps. (Where I work.)

It looks like this:

Only with Brandi on it.

And I like the combination. :-)

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