Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There will never be another Leilani...

Many of you may remember our dearly departed Leilani Perkiboobs.

She was a bit of an exhibitionist, and then one fateful night she was brutally dismembered (I'm pretty sure this guy had something to do with it).

However, the legend of Leilani lives on through her merchandise in the Brandi Store.

Oh, how I've missed her gently swaying, perky girl-bits mocking my flat, deflated ones from the dashboard of the minivan...

But yesterday these two arrived in my mailbox directly from Hawaii (and Harmony).

The boy will be known as Keanu Crusher. Keanu because, well, I'm not really well versed in Hawaiian names and that's the only one I could think of. Crusher is because, hello!! Does he not look like a young Wil Wheaton, AKA Ensign Wesley Crusher, AKA the secret boyfriend in my head?

Mmmm...1990s yumminess

The chickie will be Kim Coconuts. I think the picture is all the explanation you need for the choice of Kim, but in case you've been living under a rock or only watch Antiques Road Show and Dora the Explorer that would be Kim as in Kardashian.

Baby got back.

I'm so giddy over these guys that I might just pee my pants.
Thanks, Harmony!

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