Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buy a cover-up and go away.

Dear nosy woman at the pool this morning,

When you see a four year old having a complete melt down because his mother (that would be me) told him he couldn't have something, do not come over and give him that said thing. And when the mother (again, me) immediately takes it away from him and hands it back to you and asks you politely to please not intervene, that means you should mind your own damn business. And when his mother (yup, still me) takes said item and throws it in the trash can because you try again to override my parental authority by giving it to him again, do not act all indignant and make comments (loudly) to those around you that some people shouldn't have children.

You know what else some people shouldn't do? Wear two-piece swim suits when they weigh 350 pounds, but it didn't seem to deter you.


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