Monday, June 15, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessions: Monday Edition

1. I don't think Michelle Obama makes great fashion choices. This has nothing to do with politics or whether or I not I like her. I just think that, for the most part, her clothes are ugly.

2. Someone in Florida read all 240 posts of this blog yesterday, spending over 4 hours here. You are now my favorite reader, whoever you are. Send me an e-mail and I'll send you some ninja band aids or something.

3. I've started running once a week. Holy crap, it hurts. I feel like an 80 year old when I'm done.

4. Saturday mornings at 8:30 we're doing 10 mile family bike rides at the North Augusta, NC Greenway if any locals want to join us (e-mail me to find out where we're going to start and end). We did it this past weekend and it was a lot of fun, although I did whine that it wasn't enough of a workout for me (I'm giving up my Y workout on Saturdays to do this). So next week I apparently get to haul Liam and Amelia in the bike trailer. I'll probably be whining that it was too much of a workout.

5. I keep finding more and more reasons to love Asians. Not only do the little old naked Asian ladies at the Y keep me (and therefore you) endlessly entertained, but I recently discovered that South Koreans think that you can die from electric fans blowing on you. Seriously. They call it Fan Death. Read about it HERE. One of the best lines: "When informed that the phenomenon is virtually unheard of outside of their country, some locals claim Koreans are uniquely vulnerable due to a peculiarity either of their own physiology or of Korean fans."
Disclaimer: Any talk of amusing Asian cultural quirks and/or nakedness does not apply to April, who is quite "normal," though amusing in her own special way.

6. I played a flute duet in church yesterday and I completely and thoroughly screwed up the ending and I'm still burning with embarrassment over it. And
I feel particularly bad for the other flute player, who happens to play professionally for the US Army. If you screw up a duet, you take the other person down with you.

7. I think I'm going to get one of these forms for my blog.

8. Biotin makes your hair grow. All your hair. Even some you didn't know you had.

9. I'm missing Europe like nobody's business tod
ay. Spain is calling me. Italy, too. And Germany. And France. Switzerland would be nice as well.

10. I just ate a grapefruit and now I can't feel my tongue or lips. Is that normal?

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