Sunday, June 28, 2009

This day just keeps getting suckier.

So, first I awake to find out that Billy Mays, Infomercial Hero, has died (see previous post). Then Will totaled (probably) our van. With Ben in it.

He was on his way to pick up a woman who was getting baptized this afternoon. I've had a non-stop migraine for five days, so I opted to stay home. So, he took Ben instead.

Half an hour later I got a phone call from him saying I needed to come get him--he'd been in an accident.

He was crossing a major road (right in front of El Kiosko, for you locals) and somehow didn't see the other guy and drove directly into him. The front of the van is completely gone. The doors of the other vehicle were split open like a can opener had been taken to them. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Except, of course, our bank account.

In addition to the $160 ticket Will received, we are now down to one car. The van was fully covered, but we'll be lucky to get $3500 from it. Not really enough to pay cash for a replacement.

And here's the suckiest part: Barely two weeks ago we spent $400 putting new tires on it. Less than two years ago we sunk $2500 into it to repair the AC and brakes. Six months ago we sunk $800 into it for even more brake work. We may as well have flushed it down the toilet, especially the tires.

Oh, and there's the little matter of what our insurance will cost in six months when the premium will reflect Will's second accident. Remember when I told you how he totaled our friend's BMW in Germany? Yeah. So this makes number two that our insurance will have to pay out for.

Will likes to point out that I'm a bad driver (I am--there's no argument there), but I would like to publicly remind him and the whole internets that I have a spotless driving record while he has numerous tickets (luckily most are old enough to have been expunged at this point) and two accidents. Who's the crappy driver now? Tell me. Who?

And since I'm ranting, I may as well confess the two initial thoughts I had after he called me and further solidify my spot in hell.

1. "You'd think that driving someone to their baptism would warrant a little Heavenly protection. Guess not."

2. "So much for the four stinking prayers in Primary today asking that we 'travel home in safety.'"

***Update: Oh crap!! I just realized that Kim Coconuts and Keanu Crusher are in the totaled van. Oh nooooo!!!!***

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