Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, I had a few bucks left on a Border's gift card a couple of weeks ago, and The Pioneer Woman happened to mention this book on her site.

I have a lot of phobias. Seriously, a lot, people. And I also love pop-up books (I still really want this one, internets. My birthday is two months. Thanks in advance).

So I ordered it.

There are ten phobias illustrated in three-dimensional genius-ness and I suffer from a good third of them. Sad but true.

(I'm sorry the pictures are all sideways. I've contacted Blogger about it. And yes, they are facing the correct direction in my picture file. The problem is in the uploading.)


Acute anxiety brought on by the intrusion or threat of intrusion of the oral-facial complex by a practitioner of dentistry.


Pathological fear of exposure to unsanitary or disease-producing substances, including dirt, germs, mud, excrement and sputum.


Profound distress caused by members of the class Arachnida.


Intense dread of heights, often accompanied by vertigo.

So what are you afraid of?

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