Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Internets, please join me in a moment of silence to honor the loss of one of pop culture's greatest icons.

No, not Michael Jackson. Nope, not Farrah either.

Billy Mays died this morning.

So, when you look up and see the white clouds and clear blue sky today, you'll know it's because Billy's been soaking them in OxiClean. And when you look upon the golden hues of the setting sun, you'll know that Billy was busy with the OrangeGlo. And when you bask in the light of the moon tonight, know that Billy hung it there with Mighty Putty.

I'm going to go whip up a smoothie in my Magic Bullet and wrap up in my Snuggie and mourn the infomercial world's greatest loss.

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