Thursday, August 13, 2009

If I were a celebrity I would totally endorse this product for free.

Sorry, but I only have one confession for you today. Men and the squeamish, you may want to step away from the blog. I'm going to talk about menstruation and feminine hygiene products.

O.K., are they gone? Good. Here's my confession.

I'm madly in love with the new Always Infinity pads. In. LOVE. I know, it's just a pad, but I love it nonetheless.

My periods are abnormally heavy. So heavy that I begged them to give me a hysterectomy when they did my gastric bypass (they said no--one operation at a time). So heavy that for the past few years I have been using ginormous incontinence pads (seriously, they're 11 inches X 6 inches. HUGE!), not to mention also using the maximum absorbency tampon available (O.B. Ultra Plus, if you must know). If I tried to use any other kind of pad, even the overnight kind, I would bleed all over the place within an hour or two.

So, last month I got a free sample of Always Infinity (the Overnight version) in the mail. My first thought was, "No fracking way." Honestly, they're thinner than a panty liner. And it has holes in it! I don't care what new technology they claim to have stolen from super absorbent aliens, there was no way this could work for me.

But have you ever worn a huge, thick incontinence pad? They're not comfortable. And they can show, especially now that I don't wear shirts that cover my butt every day. So, I decided I'd give the Always Infinity a try. I chose a day I wasn't going anywhere in case I had leakage issues. I wore black pants and put a towel under me wherever I sat.

Did I mention that they're tiny pads? Super duper thin? With holes in them?

But holy crap, they worked! Even on my heaviest day. Even during a vigorous work out on my heaviest day.

So, Always Infinity, I love you. You complete me. I would go on TV and talk about my period just to get people to buy you if any one actually cared about my opinion. You have changed my life forever.

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