Saturday, August 8, 2009

It'll do, I suppose.

Any of you out there even mildly addicted to TV like I am knows that summer can suck when it comes to having something good to watch. I normally fill my summers with Bravo's reality-competitions and America's Next Top Model marathons on Lifetime.

But we have Dish Network rather than cable now, and though in general I'm very pleased with the service, Bravo and Lifetime are not included in the basic package. At present I refuse to pay $20 a month more for two channels, even though I'm having some serious Kathy Griffin and Tom Colicchio withdrawals. Maybe when Will starts making that big Warrant Officer money in a few months...

So, anyway, I haven't watched TV since Lost ended in May.

But then Will DVR'd a new show on ABC called Defying Gravity. Out of desperation and boredom, we finally watched it Thursday night.

It's a little like Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Grey's Anatomy had a manage-a-trois that resulted in an illegitimate, mildly retarded love child.

It's set in space, on board a ship in the future (2052) where the mission is for 8 astronauts to explore 7 planets over 6 years.

There's lots of cheesy relationship drama.

There's some big, dark secret that will be central to the plot of the show that they allude to constantly but never reveal (other than it's referred to as "Beta" and apparently resides in Pod 4 of the ship, but it took nearly 90 minutes just to get that much).

And even though the acting wasn't always stellar and the flashbacks were confusing (even for a seasoned Lost veteran like me), you can bet I'll be watching it every week. With Will right there watching it, too. Because we're geeks and it's defiitely geek TV. And because there's nothing else on. And because, damn it all, now I need to know what Beta is and why he/she/it is messing with people.

Hmmm...Maybe Beta is the Smoke Monster. Or a Cylon.

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