Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to the world, baby!

We started out the day by having a little party in Sylwia's room. There's Sylwia and her husband, Mr. Sylwia.

There was a two hour delay in the schedule due to an emergency. Sylwia made her displeasure at having to wait known. Loudly and belligerently. These were a couple of nurses who came to get her.

After all that complaining about having to wait, she got cold feet when the time finally came. This is her best fake smile.

Weeeee! Here we go!

Here we are, crammed in the elevator.

Finally! Still unnamed baby Hardman makes his debut!

5 pounds, 12.6 ounces. Not bad for being three weeks early.

Lucky Tina got to be present for the c-section. Sure, she's a doula, but still. I'm totally jealous. Apparently Sylwia was hilariously loopy during the procedure.

Here he is, enjoying his first meal (his blood sugar was a little low, so he couldn't wait).

I had to leave about an hour later, and Sylwia was still in recovery so I didn't get to see her or hold the baby. Right before I left, the nurse from a few pictures up came down to the nursery to get Mr. Sylwia. She seemed a little exasperated. She said she needed his help with Sylwia. I haven't gotten an update on what went on that required his assistance, but I'm sure it will involve belligerance on Sylwia's part. She spent the morning insisting that all 4 of her BFFs and her husband be allowed in the O.R. and threatening to get up and leave recovery when she wanted to rather than when they felt it would be good for her. I can't wait to hear this story.
I'll keep you posted.

*O.K., I've just been updated. She was just having a hormonal moment. She had to be sedated and finally passed out, giving the labor and delivery staff a much needed respite. She's now in her room, nursing the baby (who finally has a name--Mosiah!) and is back to being belligerent and making the nursing staff regret their career choices.


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