Sunday, August 9, 2009

People, what am I going to do?

About my hair, that is. Seriously, it's bad. Really bad. I'm trying to let it grow, but it just won't. It would be cuter straightened, but it's so brittle and frizzy that it's not cute at all.

I think that maybe I'm adopted, and I've figured out who my real parents are. It would explain a lot.

A lot
That's right. I'm pretty sure I am actually the child of celebrity couple Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner.
The proof is in the hair.

Anyway, for more pictures of my awesomely bad hair (and awesomely good friends), hop on over to Sylwia's blog and check out the hospital room baby shower we gave her yesterday.

Also, Sylwia has been quite insistent that I post this picture of my kids, because according to her I never post any smiling pictures of them. So here you go.

You'd smile too if you had been plied with Italian Ice and a wheel chair ride.

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