Friday, August 14, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic #7

Today's lunchtime poll topic is fun and controversy free. You can answer as many of the questions as you like.

Do you like your name? Do you know why it was chosen for you? How did you (or how will you) choose your children's names? Is there a name you have always wished was yours?

I don't love my name. C'mon, be honest. If you didn't know me at all and only knew my name, you would assume I was brain dead and had humongous boobs. Brandi is right up there with Bambi in the "she's a bimbo" name department. I was named after a soap opera character. That doesn't help my cause.

For our kids, we just chose names we liked a lot. Their middle names are family names. The only one of our kids not named my first choice of names is Amelia. I really wanted to name her Annika, but Will said no. So, I settled for Amelia, which was my second choice. I also wanted her middle name to be Rebecca. He vetoed that as well. In fact, we were still arguing over her middle name as they were wheeling me to the O.R. for my c-section. We compromised and named her after my sister, Hailie (which, by the way, mom, is an insane spelling. I really think you hate us.) I've kind of always wanted to be named Miranda myself.

How about you?

Oh, and for a little fun, go visit the Utah Baby Namer site. Be sure to read all the accompanying articles. If you're LDS or have ever lived in Utah, you will find this extremely amusing.

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