Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soy Un Perdedor.

I'm a loser. I admit it.

I cannot win at strategy games. Or luck games. Or games that combine strategy and luck.

Games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit where you need to be book smart (or at least have a head filled with useless information) I ROCK at. Will won't even play Scrabble with me anymore because he simply cannot beat me. It's no fun for him because there's no contest. It's not bragging O.K., it's bragging, It's a fact.

But I refuse to play Chess with him because I simply cannot beat him. Chess makes me feel stupid. Really stupid.

I also can't win at Monopoly. And I suck at pretty much all card games. And video games, too. I really, really suck at video games. The whole hand/eye coordination thing throws me off.

So if you ever need a self esteem boost, invite me over for a game night. Ask me to play cards or better yet a round of Rock Band. You'll instantly feel smarter (and I'll still have fun. I've learned to accept that I'm a loser).

But play Boggle with me and I'll mop the floor with you.

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