Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time makes you bolder, children get older. I'm getting older, too.

This was the scene 33 years ago today.

"Hey, what's everyone doing here? What's with the Cinderella cake and mountain of presents? Why is my creepy cousin Brian staring at me like that?"

"What? It's my first birthday? I can't believe it! "

The topless table dancing started early with me.
Or maybe I'm just really happy that creepy cousin Brian was removed from the table.

No, this is not a scene from the Brady Bunch. These are the kids who assembled to celebrate the one year anniversary of my glorious birth. They're all really old now. Neener, neener.

A random picture of my sixth birthday. The girls in party hats, clockwise from top: Me, looking ever so adorable; My cousin Renae who is currently living in Australia with her rich Australian husband; Penny, who is currently battling breast cancer; Kerri, Penny's sister, who died of cancer several years ago at a very young age.

You want to know how my 34th birthday is going so far? Well, Liam and Ben were both beasties all morning, and both left for the bus in tears. I have to go get my surgical incisions poked and prodded and then blood drawn in a couple of hours. And then I get to come home and go cause an international incident with my Saudi neighbor. I know Will at least got me a present this year, but in the commotion of disobedient boys he forgot to give it to me. I gained two pounds overnight and I'm pretty sure Amelia has a load in her pull up. And it's only 8:15. Happy Birthday to me.

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