Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, the kids are still alive.

I know, I know. I've been slacking in the mommy-blogging department lately. I know there are a few of you out there that only come to hear about the kids, so this post is for you.

Monday was the first day of school. Ben started 5th grade, Liam started Kindergarten. I missed having all three kids in school full time by THIRTEEN DAYS. The cut off for the free Georgia pre-K is September 1st, and Amelia won't be four until the 14th. That and the whole not potty trained yet thing.

Clean and shiny

So anyway, Liam went to full day pre-K last year, so going to school all day isn't such a big deal. The big deal this year is that he gets to ride the bus with Ben.

Walking to the bus stop

On Monday I was awakened at 5:30 am when Liam, fully dressed and with his back pack on, came and asked if it was time to go wait for the bus. The past two mornings he has wanted to go out and wait for it as soon as he's done eating--regardless of the fact that there's still 45 minutes until it comes.

Obligatory getting on the bus shot.

Ben was less excited for school, or so he would like everyone to think. He's done his usual "I don't care about this or anything else" act, but when it was time to go on Monday morning, it was obvious he was excited.

Our county makes it mandatory for all 5th graders to participate in 4-H. I like the idea of it, but I'm not thrilled that it's one more thing I get to deal with. The county fair is in October and they've already sent home a list of categories your child can enter for the 4-H competition. Ben initially wanted to raise an animal. Umm, no. So, now he wants to make a small quilt. Now, that actually sounds like a fun project and I could easily teach him (he already knows how to do basic sewing), but here's the thing internets. I need your opinion. I'm worried that a ten year old boy who sews a quilt for the fair might get a certain label, you know? The same kind of label a 10 year old boy who covers his Pinewood Derby car with glitter might get (yeah, he did that). Do you follow? Should it matter?

Amelia has just been hanging out with me. I have big plans of doing some home-preschool with her, but we'll see how much actually happens.

Along with starting school, we also instituted chores, complete with a giant job chart, on Monday. I'm still not over being a germ-o-phobe control freak, so most of their jobs are pointless, but they're still jobs. Liam and Amelia refused to clean their rooms Monday night, so they got to experience getting big red Xs on the job chart. Each X subtracts ten cents from their allowance. Oh, the crying, people! The crying that ensued! Those red Xs were like permanent marks on their souls. On the bright side, they have diligently been doing all their work ever since. Mission accomplished.

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