Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn Watch 2008

It's Sunday, October 19th in lovely Grovetown, Georgia.

I'm still waiting for Fall to show up.

Back yard: still lush and green.

Air conditioner: Still occasionally kicking on to keep us at 75.


I've heard rumors that someday Autumn will come.

P.S. Fellow Lost fans: Doesn't my AC unit look like it was made for a Dharma station?

Orchid station Dharma logo



  1. OMG! Is there a portal in your house that Ben might come through after say, moving the island? Is there some creepy Asian guy telling you about time traveling bunnies in your basement?

    And yeah, here I am in a foriegn country and it's all warm and stuff.

  2. We just got Fall in Virginia last week. I love it. I'm not quite in jacket weather (though I'm wearing one in photos from last weekend). It's sweater weather. As much as I complain about how I never wear short-sleeved sweaters, today is short-sleeved sweater weather.

  3. I'm waiting for fall too! I live in Oklahoma and things for the most part are either green or dead! And my AC is still going strong too! (By the way I came by way of Pioneer Woman!)

  4. Get used to it. I closed on our house December 12, 2007. It was 88 degrees outside when I did my walk-through. Yes. Really.


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