Sunday, October 5, 2008

He finally did it.

Ben finally pushed us over the edge. We've decided to send him to military school.
Here he is when we arrived--he was pretty excited. He didn't quite understand the concept.

Here he's meeting his new class.

Here they are after being issued their gear.

Then we went and checked out his room. It's a little bare, but it'll be easy to keep clean.

We're thinking of sending Liam next year if he doesn't start toeing the line at home.

Bye, Ben! See you at Christmas!

Alright, alright. Those are really from Fort Pulaski. That's where Will and the kids spent last Saturday while I was cavorting around Savannah with my Biscuit friends.


  1. I like your first story!!!! Can I send some of my kids there?

  2. you almost had me there. Very cute. :P

  3. Good thing I recognized the place silly! I was really regretting not having stuffed him in my suitcase when I had the chance!!!

    Adorable story- you should really think about writing - seriously!!


  4. do they have a toddler program and do they have to be fully potty trained?

    Oh, sorry, you were kidding. XD

  5. I found your blog through the pioneer woman.

    I thought you were serious for a while. I was starting to worry. :)


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