Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I'm an indoor sort of girl.

We're finally having some Fall-like weather around here. It's only 72 today! Where I'm from, 72 is shorts-wearing, let's swim in the ocean kind of weather. Here, people are having fires in their wood stoves and fire places and wearing winter jackets.

Anyway, I decided to get some fresh air and take a look at what I actually have growing around my house. At some point, someone put a lot of thought into the landscaping, so I figured I'd find some interesting things. And oh, did I.

First I met this guy:

He's pretty cute, and he eats the bugs so I like him.

But then I saw these...

...and I nearly peed my pants. The mass at the top is a dead Brown Widow Spider. Those bottom three spike-covered balls are her egg sacs. Bajillions of POISONOUS spiders are incubating on my front porch. I should go out there and do something to get rid of them, but all I can think to do is set them on fire. If you know me, then you know that would be a recipe for disaster. You know that the whole house would be engulfed in flames within minutes.

So, I'll leave it for Will.

After I stopped crying about the spiders, I headed to the other corner of the house--far away from the arachnids of death.

There I discovered these:

They sure do look like blueberries...

...but I'm just not sure. I grew up picking wild blueberries on the "mountain" behind my grandparent's house in Maine, but it's been so long. And I'm so paranoid. I know if I ate one it would turn out to be even more toxic than the incubating nightmares on the porch.

Can any of you tell just by looking?

I think I'll just leave them on the bush, blueberries or not. I already have blueberry induced PTSD. It involved Ben and his diaper. We'll leave it at that--it's a story for another post.

So, anyway, I've had my fill of the great Georgia outdoors. I'm happy to stay inside forever.

I've told Will that I'm good with moving to Alaska. No bugs, and maybe I could see Russia from my house, too.


  1. You do NOT have Christmas music on your blog!!! It's not even my birthday, I mean, Thanksgiving yet!! phew. I just relapsed into my childhood. That is what I would say every year to my mother who would push that line every year... now I have a hubby that does it. aaah!

  2. Totally freaked out by the spiders. I'm weird though. I mean I totally hate spiders, but I can't kill them either. I am, however, totally find with others killing them.

    It was icky and rainy here today, but I was busy inside anyway. I love the Fall weather. It's been in the 60's all week.

  3. We've got Black Widows in our yard. At least, we did. I had enough close calls with them (and the fire ants) over the summer that we now have a bug guy. Bug guys are good. I suggest a bug guy.

  4. who's singing the Christmas tunes? I need to know.

  5. Lynda-

    "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is Barenaked Ladies (with Sarah McLachlan). "All I Want for Christmas" is Mariah Carey. "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" is Sixpence None the Richer. "Same Old Lang Syne" is Dan Fogelberg. "O Holy Night" is Josh Groban. "Sleigh Ride" is Ella Fitzgerald.

    Toward the bottom right of the page you'll see the playlist. There's a link there to make your own playlists, and all those songs are there. You don't have to have a blog or website to make a playlist. Also, it's free!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. You need to find yourelf a native Georgian to find out about those berries before you eat them! Not worth getting sick! Or ask at the farmers' market - there's an idea!

  7. ...dying over the seeing Russia from my house comment! HA!

    I say stay indoors! Fresh air is overrated!

    Black widows FREAK ME OUT! I found a nest in our backyard in San Diego, freaked out, cried, called Blake at work and made him come home RIGHT THEN and kill them. No, I can't wait inside until later--they'll FIND ME!

    It's 90 degrees today. On second thought, I'll move to Alaka with you.


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