Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My day started at 4:44 am. I heard crying and I was trying to orient myself and wake up and figure out which kid it was. Two seconds later my legs and my bed were covered in hot, slimy projectile vomit.

Morning, Liam.

Then I had to go get a psych evaluation for an upcoming surgery. All of you who had money riding on crazy, pay up. The Doctor says I'm quite balanced. Except the computerized personality evaluation came back showing that I was off the charts abnormal when it came to following rules (as in not following them). He said it indicates that I may not be very compliant with my doctor's orders after the surgery and that concerns him. I found this very odd and very surprising because I'm a HUGE rule follower. And I'm Nazi-like in making everyone else follow the rules. I really, really want to know what questions I answered to cause those results.

So, I left the hospital feeling somewhat relieved and yet somewhat disturbed that I'm only a little crazy.

Due to the morning vomiting incident, Liam stayed home from school. At school he naps. At home he refuses. So, he was sick and cranky and tired and I've had to listen this to this for the past 4 hours straight:

And then I had a coughing fit and peed my pants.

Shut up. It happens.

But it's all O.K. because it's Wednesday! I'll get to spend my evening with the couch, some popcorn, Tim Gunn, Jason Hawes, and Wisit. I love Wednesday.

(Anyone besides me find Wisit to be both utterly fascinating and yet horribly frightening at the same time? I'm drawn to him, yet completely creeped out by him. Doesn't matter, the guy who works for Martha Stewart is going to win anyway.)

P.S. I dare you to look at this picture and not lactate.


  1. Love days like those. Waking up to a vomiting child. I'll be watching Project Runway too! I liked Kenley at first but she's turned into a major brat. Didn't know that you had a thing for the paranormal. I learn something new about you in every post. Love it.

  2. What a day--and can I say I am so happy to have found another Ghost Hunters fan! I love that show! That is the one show my husband and I NEVER miss on Wednesday night!

  3. sorry for stalking your blog. i read your comment on pioneer woman and came by to have a look. i am also a stay at home with THREE kids and an army wife. I guess in all honesty that is why I stopped by.

    Sorry about poor Liam being ill. I really enjoy the days of health with my kiddos because then it is OFF TO SCHOOL they go!!!! Hope you have a better Thursday!!!!

  4. Oh Liam! Poor little guy. And so that sweet Amelia is just missing me right now, I can just TELL. IF you ever want to ship her over, we'll take her! You can keep the projectile vomiting child. I frown on vomit. Have a great day! :)

  5. Last year when Hannah got it, i not only woke up to being vomited on, but a little bit later woke up to nasty diarrhea in my bed as well.

    Cj and i are also big Ghost hunter fans, and that's what we do on Wed nights. Before we got cable again, i even bought the seasons on DVD. The only thing, when Cj is out of town, i CAN'T watch it alone. I'm too much of a sissy for that.
    emily g

  6. I love Tim Gunn too! Have you ever done his makeover on yourself? I tried. Made it as far as throwing out all the nursing bras and maternity undies (my youngest kids are 5). A step in the right direction, huh? Love your blog.

    But that's not fair making us lactate! Cutest baby girl!

    Alpaca Farmgirl


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