Monday, October 6, 2008

Word association: The single player version.

If any one out there has ever had a conversation with me about, say...the economy, and I reply by talking about cake mix, I promise I was not insane or suffering from ADD. I simply have a weird and wandering thought process. In my head my answer made perfect sense, but to those outside of my head who missed the path my thoughts followed, the things I say may seem a little random in relation to the topic at hand.

I'm not usually aware of this until someone points it out and I have to back track through my thoughts and explain how I got from point A to point B.

Today I was driving to an appointment and became aware of the fact that I was doing it, and I wasn't even talking to anyone!

Let me share that train of thought:

April's baby is almost one. ----> April's husband used to work for Joe Lieberman. ----> Lori Lieberman wrote a poem that she gave to Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel as inspiration for the song "Killing Me Softly." The poem was written about her experience hearing Don McLean sing "American Pie" at a concert.----> "The players tried to take the field but the marching band refused to yield" is one of my favorite lines from a song ever because I'm a former band geek and I think anyone who was ever in marching band secretly had delusions that people were there to hear you, not to watch the game or the skinny, braindead cheerleaders.----> People who have tried to analyze the lyrics to "American Pie" have said that that line refers to the Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band=Marching band) and how they kept their popularity even though groups like The Beach Boys and the Monkees were trying to step in. ----> My step father used to really, really look like Ringo Starr. So much so that he was approached for an autograph at a New Kids on the Block Concert back when they were cool (sort of). ----> April came with me the day of that concert and we skipped it and went on rides and pretended we thought NKOTB were for the elementary school set. ----> April's baby is almost one...

See how that works? So, if you ask me about gas prices and I start talking about Turducken, just know there's a connection. Really.

Going to be one soon...


  1. This is why it's taken my husband years (and on occasion he still doesn't get it) when my sister and I have conversations. We see the leaps, but no one else does.

    So, it's okay, I get it.

  2. That totally makes sense to me! Sometimes, we'll be watching something and I'll come up with something seemingly random. Rob will look at me funny. I tell him I could tell him where I came up with things, but does he really want me to. He usually says no. I think it was the high school English teacher (forget his name) who called it Happy Hooking which always got a little snicker.

  3. What ?? you are beyond me Brandi. But I love the post about Ben!! That cracked me up you little sneak!

  4. I do that all the time. I find it amazing how I get from one thought to something totally unrelated.

  5. I do that to Cj, too. Maybe it's the mind of a woman? We'll be having a conversation and then in the middle of it, i'll ask, to him, an off the wall question. He'll wonder what made me ask that, and then i'll have to explain my train of thought.


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