Sunday, October 12, 2008

Round Two

Why can't the kids all just get sick at the same time? I'd much rather have one week that's a complete barf-fest and be done with it than have it drag on and on as one kid gets better and the next one gets sick.

Apparently it's now Amelia's turn.


Wait a second. I don't feel so good...

Oh the pain...

The agony...

I'm just going to rest right here for awhile.

One sick toddler + one night = 3 loads of laundry


  1. Oh Brandi, I am so sorry. That really stinks that you still have barfing children. Hope they feel better soon and I hope you don't get it too!

  2. yuck. But I love the whiney caught via photo. I know she's hurling, but it's pretty funny. :P

  3. aw, sorry for the sickies. It has to end sooner or later (hopefully, sooner!).

    But, I just read that Nicole Richie's name when she guest-stars on Chuck is Heather Chandler which I hear is a shout out to Heathers. :) So, now I'll have to watch. I don't watch every week, but Rob records for himself.


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