Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tommy and Gina? Livin' in the suburbs, driving a minivan.

So, I was driving along today, listening to the radio, and Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" came on. Like any good child of the 80's, I cranked it up and sang along and maybe even did a little head banging at the stop light. Shut up--you do it, too.

Then Journey's "Faithfully" came on. Sweet! More singing ensued. Next up? Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." This is a WICKED AWESOME radio station!

Then they broke for commercials and station identification.

"You're listening to Eagle 102. Augusta's home for classic rock."

Classic rock? Classic? Classic?!?!

No no no no no no!!! Classic rock is what my parents listen to. Classic rock is The Doors. The Rolling Stones. The Eagles. The Beatles. Fleetwood Mac.

Classic rock is not anything that was popular once I reached child bearing age.

Because that would make me OLD. And if you totally understood who I was talking about in the title, then it makes you old too. Totally.

Want to hear something else that'll make you cry? Cyndi Lauper is pushing 60. No, seriously. Sixty.

Here, enjoy a trip back to your youth. I'm going to go take some Geritol and put on an adult diaper.

I totally heard you singing along.


  1. Oh, this happened to me like 10 years ago. Now, they've renamed our Classic Rock station to The Globe which is more universal music. There are The Doors and The Who, but there's also Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen. Occasionally, I'll hear Sarah MacLachlan or Guns 'N' Roses. It's varied. Nelson was on the radio a month ago and totally sung along (with the windows rolled up). Funny how those words come right back to me. This may be where I could divulge that I still have a cassette player in my car and listen to some of my old cassettes on my way to work sometimes.

  2. Brandi, I, too, have days where I'm cruising along to some fabulous song that stirs a particular memory (say, Sweet Child O' Mine - GNR - sweet 16 summer at the shore...), and I'm thinking how much fun that time was, and then I realize that IT WAS OVER 20 YEARS AGO... Yep, I graduated from H.S. with mighty big hair in 1989.


  3. First off, Cheyenne bought the new Metallica album (not my bag, but whatever) and he freaked out because the label said "Pop." He ranted for like an hour about that.

    Now, me...I was in the commissary with Ainsley and "Livin' on a Prayer" came on and I was singing to her and she looked at me like a loon. Then some guy walked by and was like, "It's cool, she'll get it one day." And I was like...ugh! I'm old. (ANd I know, I'm not really, but it felt like it)

    I've also felt this way a lot finding out one of my big crushes from Buffy is actually like my mom's age. Weird.

  4. Ewww you're old!

    Oh and stop being so rude- I couldn't at least 45 "shut ups" on this page...

    Love ya!

  5. Heavy Sleeper, who are you? I know you're someone I know here in Grovetown (or Ft. Gordon). Who are you???

  6. My hair was always crimped. Ugh I am glad I burned all those photos. I bet my mom still has some around somewhere. Right now I am listening to Corey Hart Sunglasses at Night.

  7. I guess I'm more a child of the 90s. Sorry, Brandi, maybe you are old. :P I do know the songs though. I think of the Forrest Gump soundtrack when I think Classic Rock. What is happening to the world!!!

  8. No, they are classic if they stand the test of time. And these certainly do. My 18 and 14 year old sons love Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Guns 'N' Roses, Aerosmith, etc. Great music endures.

  9. As I sit here in my adult diapers and my large magnifying screen reading what you children are whining about today, it pains me to think what you would call the music of my generation.

    (Sweet 16 with GNR- Good God I had a KID who was 16 by then! April you are STILL a youngun!)



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