Saturday, October 11, 2008


Other than my family (who use this privileged information to torture me), very few people know about a strange phobia I have. O.K., so I have a lot of strange phobias (like corn mixed with other food or someone touching the fabric headliner in a car) but this one is probably the strangest.

My name is Brandi, and I'm afraid of Mr. Peanut.

It all started when I was around three. I have a very clear memory of a nightmare in which Mr. Peanut was next to my bed beating me with his cane. I've been wary of him ever since.

Then, when I was a teenager, I read a book called Communion. It's by some guy who believes he's been repeatedly abducted by aliens. In it he claims that the aliens change our memories of abduction by making us think we've dreamed of something similar in appearance to them. Like owls. AND LIKE MR. PEANUT!

No, I don't believe I've been abducted by aliens for one second, but the whole thing just fed into my Mr. Peanut phobia.

The reason I'm coming out of the closet is because I recently learned I'm not alone in my phobia. Just Google "scared of Mr. Peanut." You'll see. I'm just one of many freaks...errr...I mean normal people with a strange phobia. So, if my confession helps just one person to no longer be ashamed of their affliction, then I've done my job.

It could be worse. I could be this girl:


  1. That's Haley with dogs. Poor girl. Phobia's are sooo real. And sorry Brandi. I don't see much difference between being afraid of a pickle or a peanut. :)

  2. I've never liked the Thriller video. I've actually only seen it once when I was like 22. I usually leave the room. I used to not even like listening to it, but I can at least listen to it. It didn't help that my sister was obsessed with it and she was 3 1/2 years younger.

    My co-worker's grandchild didn't like dolls with googley eyes. I always wonder if she's gotten over it.

  3. Wow, that girl was really scared of pickles! lol
    Those Mr Peanuts did look pretty scary.
    I don't think I have any crazy phobias. I used to be afraid of things coming out of the toilet and biting my bum when I was little and I was afraid of the flush, too, so I would open the door to the bathroom, flush the toilet and run out as quickly as I could. I was also afraid of ghosts, but my parents were big fans of the supernatural and told me all kinds of freaky things as a kid.


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