Monday, October 27, 2008

Yeah, that's right. Christmas music.

If your speakers aren't on, go ahead and turn them on. That's better.

That's right--it's not even Halloween yet and I'm already playing Christmas music.

I periodically play Christmas music all year long. I've had a Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD playing in my van since last Christmas.

I love Christmas. Actually, I love the preparation for Christmas. Christmas day itself is usually kind of a let down for me. But the weeks (or, umm, months as the case may be) leading up to it are my favorite time of year.

I love the weather, the smell in the air, the bustle of shoppers, planning the dinner, sending the cards (stop laughing--I'm really going to send some this year), finally singing Christmas hymns at church, seeing the decorated trees on display at the stores. I just love it all.

Usually I wait until mid-November to start full time with Christmas music. I also usually wait to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving. This year is different.

It's still really warm here. And green. And not very fall like. It just doesn't feel like the last week of October and the start of the holiday season. So, I'm on a mission to force that pre-Christmas bliss.

You see, I'm the queen of denial. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that if I ignore something it will go away. I'm so good at it that I'm thinking perhaps I can use it in reverse. If I believe something to be true, it will happen.

So, I bought some pumpkin cinnamon air fresheners from White Barn, I started making Christmas shopping lists, I bought some Thomas Cranberry English muffins, and I started playing Christmas music non-stop. The decorations are going up in 2 weeks. That's right--2 weeks.

So, Georgia, I have thwarted your evil plot to keep it summer-like, thereby ruining the holiday season for me. Inside my house, it's already December.


  1. I actually need the Advent season to get ready. Maybe it's because it's mostly me who decorates (though Rob does put up the tree and do the lights). It's Rob's favorite holiday, but I'm the one who does the cooking, does the shopping for gifts, buys the Christmas outfit etc. He watches Bowl games and plays Christmas music. It does help that he does the music though. I get more in the mood when he forces that on me. Can I say that I SO want to buy the Little People Nativity scene even though it's like $70? I already have 2 Nativity sets, but I'm like Laura can play with this one! hahaha Rationalization at its finest.

  2. OMG Brandi! You are too funny! I read your comment at PW's about Nell being in a starbucks with a nice manicure and broke out laughing! I'm Susan, the one who did the painting. Nice to meet you. Of all the comments I've read so far (unbelievable!) Your's made me laugh out loud. Hope you will stop by my blog sometime and take a peek.

    By the way, your Christmas music is too much. Another laugh-out-loud moment for me. You are just too funny girl.


  3. You go girl! psst! My Christmas Shopping for the kiddos is DONE!!! beat that. :) I will listen to your music AFTER my birthday.


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