Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loose Ends

I was just browsing my older posts and thought I'd tie up some loose ends.

1. My house is still small, cramped and small.

2. I still love food.

3. I still hate Twilight. And the movie trailers lead me to believe the movie will suck far more than the book. That's a lot of suckage. Vampire pun not intended.

4. Ben hasn't lied about homework in 3 weeks. Now he's lying about other things instead.

5. I'm still turning Republican. In fact, I think the conversion is complete. I can't vote for Obama after reading THIS.

6. Clay Aiken is still gay.

7. I have a new infomercial obsession: Shamwow! But I'm still holding out for a Ronco dehydrator for Christmas.

8. Project Runway ended. Leann won. I thought Korto should have won. I'm now gearing up for Top Chef!

9. Fall has finally arrived! Not the beautiful colors, mind you, but the temperatures. I'll take what I can get.

10. Will had great fun torching the spider egg sacs. Let's just say it involved aerosol spray and the phrase "flame thrower."


I also have a request. I'm going to be stuck on a complete liquid diet over Thanksgiving (details on that will be forthcoming in a future post). Will someone out there take pity on me and invite my family over for Thanksgiving? I just can't go through with cooking a huge meal when I'll have to sit down to a can of Strawberry Glucerna. I know it's pathetic to beg for an invitation, but there you go. I'm desperate. I'll even bring my famous homemade from scratch cranberry jelly.


  1. I feel your pain on the liquid diet! I've done it plenty! Gotta love the protein shakes that make you wanna hurl. Keep your chin up. The missionaries are eating with us this year so what's a few more? However, I think your fam will want to be near you. Miss ya!

  2. I LOVE ejectejecteject! Can that guy write or what! And good news -looks like my dishes will "hit the shelves" (so to speak) the end of January!!!

  3. You are officially invited! :) Come on out to Hungary!

  4. We're obsessed over Shamwow in our house. The commercials crack me up and also annoy me. I don't understand why he needs the headset. Rob keeps joking that it's going to be my Christmas present (and we're not sure if that's a good thing or not).

  5. I still hate twilight, too! I guess I should blog post about the so un-fun book club at my tiny apt.

  6. You and your family are welcome to come to our family dinner, there will be lots of food and you will love Idaho.

  7. Whaaaaat? How can you hate Twilight? The story is so realistic, the characters lovable,, YEAH RIGHT! I hate Twilight too!

    Let's somehow go to the movie together and mock it. I think we'd be great mocking buddies.

    Whaaaaaat? Clay Aiken is GAY??? ;-)

  8. Yes, Bill Whittle ROCKS the house. He even quoted Buckaroo Banzai. Now he is forever enshrined in my heart as my Boyfriend-in-my-mind. I'll be dating him in my head.

    I hope you get plenty of invitations and that, somehow, magically, your Strawberry Glucerna tastes good.

    There is always the Jones Soda Thanksgiving Day Pack. I don't know if they offer it anymore.

  9. Our family will be in WV for Thanksgiving. We'll have about 20 or so to feed already, why don't you all just drive on up and eat with us? I mean, once you are already feeding 20, what's 5 more?


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