Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A shout out to my peeps

O.K., I'm way too white and Mormon to say that.


I've had a lot of new people stop by and say hello recently, and I just wanted to take a minute to say hi back.

And to say thank you for dropping in--all of you. I'm still a little stunned when I look at my stats and see that more than just my friends and family are reading my self absorbed drivel. A lot more. Enough that it makes me a little dizzy if I think about it.

I was thinking about you all this morning as I was sweating away at the Y. I wanted to quit after 30 minutes, but the thought of having to be accountable to all of you made me keep going. I can't let down my peeps! (Those were the actual words that ran through my head. I know. I'm a nerd.)

If I wasn't perpetually broke I'd offer a fabulous giveaway, but I am, so hopefully my heartfelt appreciation is enough.

I love my peeps!

And Gay Chad loves you, too.

peep show


  1. hahaha, a Peep show! I love the Peep pasties. I hate Peeps, but man, they are the cutest junk food ever.

  2. "Peep Show" -I love it. And I have to agree with April. Disgusting to eat, but so so cute. Like babies!

  3. Yes, I know. There's something wrong with me.

  4. The only way I like them is toasted over an open flame, so the insides are gooey and the outside forms a hard caramelly shell.

    Like babies.


  5. Where do you find these things? The Peep Show kills me.

    Caramelly shell babies. Yum.

  6. OMG, so glad I came back. "Like babies." I'm still laughing.

  7. Have you tried the strawberries and cream peeps? They are delish. I usually hate peeps but around Valentines and Easter they come out with the flavored ones. Yummy! Brandi, all I have to say is "You go girl!" Keep up the sweating away and don't give up. :)

  8. Brandi, I don't know if you remember me from Maryland (Emily Higbee) but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I found it through some of the other people from Maryland and I always get a laugh- especially today:)

  9. Go Brandi, Go Brandi! In contrast I have GAINED 8 pounds while I have been here so you have ALMOST motivated me to get off my duff and start working out. Almost.

  10. Brandi, I don't know where you find your illustrative photos, but I suspect you must spend as much time online with that task as I spend online with my stroller obsession. Which is to say, way too much. And all for the benefit of your loyal readers. Thank you for making such a sacrifice on our behalf! (But I'm not sure I want to know where you found the white jumpsuit ad. Ahem...)

    I really think you need to be a member of the Ugly Moms Club. Really. I'm one of the Fuglies (Founding Uglies) so I should know. Go here to check it out:


    It's a pretty exclusive club, but Nicole and I can vouch for you. I'm sure you'll make it in...

  11. Loved the Peep show!! Just today someone gave me a Chocolate mousse Peep to try. I have never been a fan and was sure that I would hate it but it was actually quite yummy. I can only imagine how good it would be toasted.

  12. As a Co-Founder Fugly (I'm a little Uglier than Chrysta), you can totally make it in.

    And I don't need no stinkin' giveway -- I'm just happy to be a peeps.

  13. Love the peep show.

    Keep it up. You are doing a great job!


  14. "Peeps" LOL...I actually used the same word on Facebook today. :)

    Great minds...


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