Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Update Volume VII

Once again it's Sunday and I have very little to write about for a family update. Or at least that's how it feels, but then I start typing and it ends up being a novel.


Ben started the gifted program this week. He takes a bus to one of the other elementary schools every Thursday and spends the entire day there. The teacher called and said he did really well, and it's all he could talk about at home. The downside? He now hates "regular" school and complains that he's bored out of his mind every day.

Amelia is still giddy over becoming a Sunbeam. She likes going to primary with her brothers instead of to nursery.

Liam is obsessed with fire safety. This has actually been going on for months, but we thought it had subsided. His pre-K class visited the fire station back in October and sat through a lecture about fire safety. From that point on he was convinced that if he didn't become an expert on fire safety he would die in a fire. Dinner times were spent with him going over and over our family's escape plan and where we'd meet and reminding Amelia and Ben not to hide if there was fire and not to be afraid of the firemen in masks.

By December his fervor had died out (so we thought). Then, he brought home a stack of recent art work from school. Every single one was a drawing of him rescuing his classmates from fire. His teacher said that that's all he wants to play during free play as well--he puts on the fire hat and rescues his classmates, even if they aren't playing. Surprisingly, he has no desire to be a fire man when he grows up.

Will is once again NOT preparing for the NCO of the Quarter for Fort Gordon board that he has on Tuesday. Personally, I think that since he's made it this far, he should start trying to win. If he wins this one, he moves on to compete in the Army wide competition.

As for me, my news is all about the surgery and the cyst and the next surgery on Wednesday. I sincerely hope they can do it laproscopically so the recovery time is relatively short. I think if I'm laid up for 2-3 weeks Will may not come out alive. Watching him cook and "clean" and do all the other daily tasks has made me want to do violent things, especially since I left the house spotless and affairs in order when I left Tuesday. It's a helpless yet enraging feeling to be lying in a hospital bed and get a call from Liam's teacher 30 minutes after he should have been picked up asking where we were, and even more enraging to find out it was because Will was napping.

Deep breath. Deep breath.

We also broke in our Y membership yesterday. We got up early and headed over. We put the kids in the free daycare and Will and I worked out for an hour. Then we got the kids and swam for another hour. If we do it again, we'll leave Liam in the daycare while we swim. Last summer he couldn't get enough swimming in our pool. At the Y he was clutching us and screaming that he was going to die. Not much fun for all involved.

I have a different picture I thought about posting here, but it's so completely blasphemous and offensive that I just couldn't do it. E-mail me if you want me to send it to you.

That about covers the week. See? A novel. Sorry.

Here are some more old pictures of the kids:

Amelia, one day old

Liam, 7 months old (I think)

Ben's first day of first grade, August 2005


  1. I don't get the pic... but I love the kids pics. Go Ben and being bored. Hope surgery goes well.

  2. Oh, you went to the YMCA... got it. thanks.

  3. Great update, but what are you doing working out just a couple of days after having a giant cyst cut out of you!? Congrats to Ben and the gifted program. That kid really is smart. He was good today. I have to admit, I was bracing myself for a lot worse and it never happened. We are Ft. Meade buddies :) Good luck on Wednesday!

  4. I really love your Sunday updates.
    I'm so glad Ben gets one day he is not board out of his mind.

    Do you like the YMCA?

    You are in our prayers. We are hoping and praying for your surgery on Wen.
    don't worry about Amelia she will be in excellent hands.

  5. I used to go to the Y when I was a kid. It was great fun.

    Good luck with the surgery! I'm sure Will can hold down the fort. He's just doing all this to make you feel invaluable. :)

  6. Do you remember going to see the Village People? You were very excited, singing and dancing along with them when they sang YMCA.
    It became obvious to me that I am not gifted and talented. I had to click on the "I'm bored" picture to get it.

  7. Look at that! A whole blog post without a picture of a cyst. Trust me, I now see that before I got to sleep at night.

    Oh, I have never turned down a dirty YMCA picture in my life--bring it ON!

    Good luck this week!

  8. Good thing no one (but Mom) knows the Rest of the Story.

    For the record, I set the alarm and laid down for 10minutes, (unlike someone who gets extended nap privileges EVERY DAY,) and missed the alarm.


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