Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brandi's Week In TV Review

So, welcome to a new feature here in my Babylonian Cottage. Every Saturday I'll post my random thoughts on my favorite shows from the week. Beware, they may contain spoilers. In fact, just assume that they do.

First, I want to officially complain that Wednesdays have too many good shows. I had to quit Ghost Hunters International because my DVR can only record so many shows at once. Besides, the lead investigator annoys the crap out of me. I'll figure something out when it's back to Jason and the crew on the regular series.


Lost: I'll just go ahead and say it. If I hadn't already invested 4 years in this show I would quit watching. I'm seriously unimpressed with this season so far. I don't like the bouncing around. I don't like 20 different plot lines. I'm hoping it'll get better as the season goes on.

Also? It's making me feel dumb. I used to be able to theorize and debate about what was going on, but not anymore. Mr. Daniel Faraday has made certain of that. By the way, remind me never to date him--dating Daniel is apparently a one way ticket to Time-travel-induced-coma-ville. So, anyway, now I just sit back and try to enjoy the ride and hope that in the end it'll all make sense without a physics degree.

I have made a few theories this season. We'll check back later and see if I'm right.

1. Miles is Marvin Candle's son (the baby from last week's episode).
2. The chick who went with Daniel to the H bomb is actually Daniel's mother.
3. Sun is behind trying to take Aaron away from Kate.

Daniel Faraday

As for this week's episode, the only bright spot was Desmond. The scarf, the sunglasses, the hair. He was so hot my retinas are scorched. I'm really glad he and Penny are major players this season. And...that's about it. Lame episode in all. I'm getting tired of Locke. I wish he'd stayed in the coffin.

Battlestar Gallactica: Holy mutiny, Batman! Pretty awesome episode. I have a girl crush on Starbuck. I desperately want to see her kick Gaeta's butt from here to Caprica and back. I have NEVER liked Gaeta. Ever.


Best scene of the night? When Adama and Rosalin kissed outside the raptor and no one knew where to look.

Was anyone else peeved that the previews for next week gave too much away? The whole point was to keep us guessing as to the fate of Tigh and Adama, and then they went and said that Tigh was dead and then they showed Adama in the airlock, alive for the moment anyway. I actually love spoilers, but if I didn't that would have made me mad.

Maybe it was just to fake us out. I can't imagine they'd kill off Adama. He has a bunch of traitors to deal with.

Top Chef New York: I'm so glad Fabio and Stephan got to stay. I love them, especially Fabio. Also, I've had way too much of Lea and Hosea. Just go off and have your affair already. I want to watch cooking. Also, it was fun to see the previous season's contestants back.

FYI, I have my money on Stephan for the win. If I had my druthers, Carla would win, but I don't forsee her staying much longer.

Celebrity Rehab: Sobriety House: Yeah, I watch it--so what? Don't you judge me.

Can I just say that I now have huge respect for Rodney King? That guy is really, really trying to do what's right. The rest? Not so much. I had a lot of sympathy for Steven Adler during the regular Celebrity Rehab show, but not now. I realize he has a disease and suffered a crappy childhood, but he also has choices in life and he keeps making poor ones.

I cannot stand to watch Nikki McKibbin. Her mouth. Her mouth!!! I know she's just playing with her tongue ring, but it's sooooo distracting and annoying I want to do violent things.

Amber Smith

And Amber Smith makes me want to just put a bag over my head and hide in a closet. Did you see how completely gorgeous she was 2 seconds after she woke up? So unfair. Although I don't have a raging opiate addiction that drove me to high end prostitution, so maybe it's fair after all.

Alright folks, that's all. I'm going to go put on my Snuggie. Which in person is so very much just a backwards robe.


  1. So, If I put my fleece robe on backwards I'll have a snuggie? I was actually going to order one.
    I have decided to refrain from watching Lost this year. For the most part it has just baffled and confused me.

  2. Okay, I'll allow you to post weekly on tv, because I'm secure in my own readership. But you cannot steal my theories. XD

  3. I watch celeb rehab sober house too. I like train wrecks. I also like Tuesday night's Real Housewives.

  4. i'm a bit disapppointed in lost as well, but 24 so far is great. do you watch 24?

    i just watched an older show from netflix called jericho. i liked it better than lost or 24, especially season 2...

  5. We also watch Sober house/celebrity rehab. You have the same feelings that we do/did. Had more sympathy for steven adler to begin with, but now, hmmm....Cj and i were talking about Rodney King as well. We have respect for him, too, for trying to do the right thing. After all, he never really esteemed for celebrityhood. It was thrust on him whether he wanted it or not. If anyone had an excuse to be messed up, i would say he gets the award for that.
    I also don't like watching Ghost Hunters international. I'll wait till the normal guys are back on before i give that one the time of day. Why can't the original guys travel like they did a few times before? Wasn't the pygmy episode freaky?

  6. I'm betting Stefan or Jamie wins Top Chef--I'm glad Jeff left because he was just too boring. Cute, but boring.

    And you so should have bought a red snuggie, I love the whole monk look of it. Is it really more useful than a blanket?

  7. ZOMG! I just watched BSG (I know, I'm behind...hello...foreign country.)

    That was the best episode in years! I'll blog about it soon, but I think I want to watch it again.

    You're scene is a tie between Starbuck shooting that guy, then "follow me, please." and then her kissing Lee. Just grabbed him. So very season 2. Loved it! And did you notice that everyone got a haircut? Racetrack had great hair, Athena looked all choppy great. I want those. Way cute.

  8. Yeah, I'm really glad Jeff left - BORING. And Fabio is so delicious, he really must stay until the end. He shouldn't WIN - Stephan should win - but he should stay 'til the top 3 (Stephan, Jamie, and Fabio) and then go home. Did I mention he's yummy?

  9. "girl crush," huh??

    Best BSG scene was Adama and Tigh overpowering and shooting one of their "escorts"- There's still one one escort left, weaponless, near Adama.

    Adama to Tigh- "You alright?"
    Tigh- "I'll live. What about him?"


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