Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Confessions

If I hadn't cropped this, you would see that my fly was wide open.

Due to a complete lack of things to write about, I'll once again tell you more about me. Me me me.

1. I cried when I found out Liam was a boy because I wanted a girl so badly.

2. I'm seriously freaking out because I haven't lost any weight in 3 days.

3. I spent Tuesday night in the ER because I thought I had a post-op blood clot in my leg. I do have one, but it's in a superficial vein, therefore it doesn't require treatment and is unlikely to kill me. But if it does, you all know the drill.

4. While I was there the bastards pumped me full of fluid "just in case" I should become dehydrated. I gained 2 lbs.

5. I get a twisted sort of thrill lately when I get dizzy from lack of calorie intake.

6. I've played the flute for 23 years.

This one time, at band camp... Actually, I have a slew of band trip stories, but they're probably only amusing to other band geeks.
Does an oboe player duct taped to a hotel room floor amuse you?

7. I took Latin (by choice) from 9th grade through sophomore year of college. 11th and 12th grade were independent study with my English teacher because Evanston, Wyoming is too backward to offer Latin.

8. It didn't help me understand that conversation between Juliette and the 1950's Others on Lost last night.

9. I have read every book Maeve Binchy has written, many of them twice. And I always read Tara Road when I'm at the doctor's.

10. I would like to study anthropology.

11. Even more so, I would like to learn how to make stained glass.

12. I was totally wearing Spanx in the "10 days after" picture I posted.

13. I broke my nose running into a parked snowplow when I was little.

14. Dirty houses really scare me. Really. A lot.

15. I constantly have a soundtrack to my life playing in my head. There seems to be a song for every moment.

16. I've never worn high heels.

17. I highly prefer the beach in the Winter.

18. If you owned a pair of Eastland shoes in the mid 1990's, I or some member of my family likely had a hand in making them.

This style was the bane of my existence.
It was my job to use dyes to make each piece of leather match.
These never ever matched. Not even close.

19. Working in a shoe factory sucks.

20. I have lived in 2 different Augustas.


  1. Not the biggest fan of Maeve Binchy. Do want to hear more band camp stories. Am also scared of dirty houses.

  2. I love Maeve Binchy and I have you to thank for it. Tara Road was an easy favorite, but I've read, and liked, many of her other books as well. Tara Road was made into a movie on Lifetime I think. It was pretty good but not the same, of course. What year did you leave Evanston? I have family there and you might know who they are. Anyone with the last name Bezanson ring a bell?

  3. Yay, Latin! I actually had to stop Latin after you moved because it conflicted with band class.

    My feet never fit into Eastlands, but I liked them.

    I just recently started wearing flats for the first time since I graudated college. When you're 4'10", you have to suck it up and wear heels. :)

    Sorry for the ER trip. That stinks! Glad you're not dead.

  4. Haven't ever read Maeve Binchy. Are there any good romance scenes in her books?

    I hate to admit it, but last year when I was going through my depression/extreme weight loss, I knew things were starting to get out of control and I needed to get my head right, when I would get a feeling of triumph whenever I got that feeling. WOW! I don't ever look forward to feeling that way again!

  5. Just a quick clarification--I'm NOT deliberately restricting calories--I simply cannot physically take enough in. My Dr. even said that I need to drink more water, even at the expense of eating. There'll be more on this tomorrow.

    But I totally get why some anorexics become anorexic now. Triumph is a good description of that feeling. It's also a little bit of a high as well.

  6. When you said the thing about Latin, I totally wondered if it helped you while watching LOST. I'm bummed it didn't.

  7. I'll try to have my house cleaner when you come over...

  8. I absolutely love your blog. And I think you are hilarious.

    I loved Eastlands, too. Alot. It was late 80's/early 90's.

    Glad you are doing good. Keep it up!
    We are all cheering for you!


  9. Gah! The minute you started the Latin info I was like, "Did she get what was going on last night?!"

    I'm a little nervous my husband won't actually like this boy that has taken up residence in my womb. He really didn't want a boy. Really. So at least Liam is loved now. Who knows about my kid. He'll probably have one of those crazy father complexes.

    I knew I didn't like Eastland's for a reason. Even before I knew you, I wanted to spare you. XD

  10. Brandi,
    I love learning more and more about you. Ummmm please let me know when you are coming over so I can make sure my house is super clean okay?
    I would hate to scare you.

    I'm sorry you have a darn blood clot. GRRRR wishing you were joining me every tue at the coumadin clinic.

  11. Um, Tina, Brandi and I have complexes about you looking at our floors and seeing a crumb (or two - or ten). Something tells me you are NOT the type who needs to hurry and clean up before people drop by :)

    I found out Keaton was a boy at 36 weeks pg, when he already had a closet full of dresses and I had my pink diaper bag and baby carrier and a whole flowery plan for the nursery. (Thankfully I hadn't ordered the custom crib bedding yet.) You can ask Nicole how much I cried that day, because I did it at her house. But clearly, Keaton is well-loved and a blast to have around here. (Although I still haven't gotten rid of the dresses - I've got one more shot at a girl.)

  12. JAMIE AND BRIAN, I worked with Peggy Beznson at WY State Hospital. I absolutely adored her and often think of her. Is she your relative?
    Brandi, where on earth did you get that picture? I don't remember that one. I think that you should post the one of you sleeping with tissue stuffed up your nose when we were traveling through the Smokey Mountains. Do you remember that one?

  13. OK, that photo really scares me. It looks very Lizzie Borden-ish, as if you're about to stab your parents.

    BTW, if one were to start reading Maeve Binchy, what book would one start with?

  14. Lydia,

    Light a Penny Candle and Tara Road are my absolute favorites. I would start with one of those. Now keep in mind, Maeve Binchy books are not great literature that will make you think and ponder, but they are great fun and you really get to know the characters. And they're pretty clean. No graphic sex descriptions and no swearing.


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