Sunday, January 4, 2009

You like me! You really like me!

Those of you dropping by for the family update--bear with me a minute. It'll come at the end.

So, first of all--this is my 100th post. Yay me!

Second of all, it is Bloggie Award nomination time. I have been nominated for a few of the categories--best humor blog, best writing, best new blog, best kept secret and blog of the year.

Do I actually believe this blog is worthy of any of those? Heck no, but that's not going to stop me from begging for your votes.

So, here's what I want you to do. Click HERE. Then follow the directions. One of the requirements is that you nominate three different blogs (they can all be for the same category or different categories). If you need some suggestions, take a look at my blog list over there --------->.
The Food Pornographer is a great food blog AND a great Australian blog. Pioneer Woman can be nominated for food, photography, humor, name it. Anthony Bourdain falls under both food and travel blogs.

So, go vote! Now!!!

O.K., now onto the family update.

It's been a pretty slow week. Amelia became an official Sunbeam today. No more nursery for the Douglasses. Will spent nearly 7 hours raking our back yard. We have a mountain of leaves for the trash guys, yet the yard looks like it's never seen a rake. I finally got the master bedroom and bathroom totally unpacked and decorated. I wanted to get the main bathroom counter retiled, but that's not going to happen for awhile. Mostly we've just been really lazy. We've played a lot of Wii.

Mario Kart = Awesome Family Fun

Oh, and Will and I are so ready for school to start up again tomorrow you don't even know. I think they should make it one week, not 2. Two weeks off school during the rainy season is cruel and unusual punishment for the parents.

The biggest thing going on is that my surgery is on Tuesday. There will be more on that tomorrow. I know--you're on pins and needles.

Since I don't have any pictures of the kids this week, here are a few from the archives:

Ben in his tux for my sister's wedding, June 2005. He passed out in the church right before the ceremony and missed walking down the aisle.

Amelia looking gorgeous in April, 2006

Liam, my cute little elf, in December 2005

Why are you still here? You should be off voting for me.


  1. LOL I am totally going to vote for you. I think you should win all the above. Your blog is funny, amazing, I think you should get blog of the year.

    Good Luck off to vote...

  2. Ben walked down the isle at my wedding...He just didn't have his tux jacket on and his top button was undone.....But yeah what a way to start my wedding.... =]


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