Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yoga with Gay Chad

So, yesterday I was at the Y walking my 4 miles. By the way--my scale says I have gained 2 pounds! How can that be? I'm only eating around 200 calories a day, and I'm assuming walking hard for an hour burns at least that much. Grrr....

Anyway, I'm doing my morning walk. Will didn't feel well and there was some shopping to do, so he went to Wal-Mart. An hour later he picks me up and informs me that he kinda sorta bought a Wii Fit. Just because they had them in stock.

I'm a little peeved. 1. We're already paying for a gym membership. 2. He has PT (physical training) for free 5 days a week at work. 3. He works from 4 am to 6 pm and then comes home and passes out, so when exactly is he going to use it? 4. Essentially, he only wants it for the skiing. 5. He has a conniption fit if I buy a $3 magazine or a $1 water.

So, I mostly get over being mad by the time we get home and decide to give it a try.

One of the first things you do is choose a personal trainer--there's a male or a female. The female looked like a skinny b*tch who has water for lunch and would make fun of me after I left the room. So, I chose the male. I named him Gay Chad. There is no way on Earth he's straight. Just look at him:

Gay Chad------------- Skinny B*tch

So, Gay Chad and I play some games and do some aerobics. I am apparently horrifically uncoordinated. I had to quit the step class game because I was a danger to myself. But Gay Chad was supportive and encouraged me to keep trying.

Then I decided to try yoga. And I kind of love it! And I was pretty good at it, considering it was my first time. I was getting 3 stars all over the place. Who knew I'd be into yoga?

Gay Chad is so proud.


  1. My cousins have the Wii Fit. I am too uncoordinated to try (I fell over playing Mario Kart). It looks like fun. The skiing is difficult. I think it's easier to actually ski. :) The soccer is fun and amused everybody. It's nice Gay Chad is encouraging. So, have you downgraded your mostly mad?

  2. Okay Brandi I think it's all my fault. I'm so sorry. When I had your kids almost everyday when Will dropped the kids off I was doing my Wii fit. I love it. So we showed him some of the games and I was doing the step. Jeremy told him how wonderful it was. So I think we sold him on it. So Sorry!!!! I love it. I am so glad we have it. All of our kids love playing it too. Even Chandler plays the Wii fit.
    I too have "Gay Chad"

  3. I would have chosen Gay Chad as well. If we ever get one, maybe i'll name mine Boy George.

  4. Man. Now I want one. And I just made Steve sell our Wii because we never used it. Curses.

  5. I've heard the yoga is pretty hard...and something about dodging soccer balls and cows? It sounds like fun. I'm tempted to get it, too.

    You would have loved centergy. sigh

  6. I love Gay Chad. He looks very encouraging and Skinny Bitch looks totally rude.

    I've been wanting a wii fit, since there is no kids room here at the gym. Of course, I suppose I could save the dough and just go to the gym while Ainsley is at preschool...but what fun is that?

    Go you and yoga! I would like to see a video of you attempting step. I had a whole post many moons ago about me trying step at Transformations. It was embarrassing. Embarrassing like old ladies are better and I knocked down an entire wall of exercise balls right in the middle of the class.

  7. I don't know you, but I think I found you through Pioneer Woman one day and have been reading your posts. I have to say that this post made me laugh so hard. I got a wii fit for an anniversary present a few weeks ago. (Yes, I asked for it. It was NOT a passive aggressive hint from hubby!) Your description of the trainers had me on the floor. I have to tell you- I picked the lady and she is quite kind. She has encouraged me and when I completely flub there is no admonishing just "Oh- you're a bit unsteady!" I'm thinking about meeting her for coffee some day. :-) Sorry you will have to repeat your surgery. That's just not right.
    Ann (also in GA)

  8. Why does her name have to be skinny bitch?

    My kids want a Wii fit. My favorite new game is Super Mario Galaxy. It's addictive. I don't even want to do anything around the house except play that game.

    "My name is Marianne and I am a Mario-holic..."

  9. Sorry, Marianne, but I agree with Brandi - her name is totally Skinny Bitch. I'd choose Gay Chad. But even the most heartfelt urgings of Gay Chad couldn't convince me to do yoga.

  10. Marianne--She's not a bitch because she's skinny. She's a bitch because I decided in my fantasy world where I have a Gay Personal Trainer that she is. She just happens to be skinny.

    I haven't played Mario Galaxy, but I'm pretty addicted to Mario Kart.

    You need to try Boom Blox. It's like crack.


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