Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Burger King

Dear Burger King,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain what a virgin is to my 9 year old.


Definitely a virgin


  1. huh? You have got to stop leaving us hanging!!!

  2. Monique--
    The U.S. people understand.
    Burger King's new ad campaign is to take people from a third world country--Whopper Virgins--and feed them a whopper to see if they like it.

  3. Thanks for the comment explanation. I just thought you meant that the King must be a virgin. XD I mean, look at that guy! He's scary!

  4. Burger King has had the creepiest commercials for years now. You know, I used to have a crush on the Burger King when I was a little kid. He was so handsome. (My dh has the same shade of red hair and brown eyes, too.) The big, plastic-headed version is scary.


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