Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fifth!! I finished fifth!!

Fifth from last. And I'm pretty sure that the five people who finished after me were planted there by the race commission so that people like me wouldn't have to go home with the shame of being dead last.

Before the race. Yes, it was raining. And cold.

My time was 24:10. Ben's was 20:30. Yeah, I totally got beat by my ten year old. And a bunch of little kids who were maybe six or seven years old. And a guy pushing a stroller. And a woman who had some malady that made her unable to bend her left knee.

Ben finishing

Me finishing

But I finished, and 24 minutes isn't too horrible for two miles, is it? Is it?? (Before you answer, please note that there is only one correct answer to that question).

And the three homeless guys under the 4th Street bridge were really supportive and cheered as I ran past, so that was nice.

I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I finished in under 25 minutes (my goal), but most of all I'm glad I can officially announce that I'm done running forever.

Holy crap, running sucks.

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