Friday, September 4, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic #10

Let's get right to it:

Which is hotter--size 28 stretch pants or size 6 jeans?

110 pounds lost, 11 sizes smaller.

O.K, so that's not really the LTPT today. I was just so excited that I wedged my butt into size 6 jeans that I couldn't wait to show you.

Here's the real LTPT:

Boys or Girls: Which do you think is easier to raise and why?

You don't have to have experience raising either to answer. You can tell us which you think would be easier and why.

Personally, I think girls are easier until puberty sets in, and then boys are suddenly easier. But maybe that's just because I didn't grow up around boys. Whatever the reason, I stand by my assertion that girls are easier for the first 11 years. Amelia is by far easier than either of the boys.

So, how about you? Team pink or team blue?

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