Friday, September 11, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic #11

Ooooh, freaky. LTPT #11 is on the eleventh.

In case you've forgotten (like I did last year), today is September 11th.

And I'm really happy that it's been named a national day of service*. While we should always remember what happened and those who died, I think it's good that the day can be something positive as well.

So, that brings me to today's LTPT:

What service are you going to do today?

I did mine yesterday. The women of our church congregation donated material and time and talent and got together last night and sewed 22 baby blankets. These will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House to be given to families who are there with sick babies. You may think that a blanket is a small thing when these families are dealing with so much, possibly even the impending death of their child, but as someone who was the recipient of a few donated blankets during Liam's medical ordeal, I can tell you it means a lot. We may not have needed a blanket, but it was the sentiment behind the blanket that we needed.

What will you do today?

*I know that most of us do not need a day specified by the government to do service. However, I think that doing a little extra today is a wonderful way to honor those who gave their lives eight years ago.

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