Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heavenly Father says...

So, Liam and Amelia have been running around acting like little evangelists this week. They have discovered that we put a lot of stock into the things that "Heavenly Father says," so they try to use it to their advantage.

Amelia, when she wanted a doll at the store and I said no: "But Heavenly Father wants us to be mommies!"

Amelia, when Liam wouldn't let her play in his room: "But Heavenly Father says we need to share everything!"

Liam, when he was being punished for fighting: (Screamed through hysterical tears) "Heavenly Father is going to be so mad at you! He says you have to love me!"

Liam, who was asking for money so he could buy a $40 Clone Trooper gun and was upset when I said no: "But Heavenly Father wants us to pay tithing. If you give me the money I can pay tithing."

Amelia, out of the blue: "Heavenly Father says you should buy me a pink fish."

Amelia, to a complete stranger who accidentally bumped me in Kroger (and who did say excuse me): "Heavenly Father says you should say sorry!"

Amelia, 5 minutes ago, alone in her room, talking to her Little People: "Heavenly Father says I look so beautiful in pink dresses and I have so beautiful hair!"

Funny that when I try this trick, like when they're fighting and I remind them that Heavenly Father says they should be kind, it never seems to work.

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