Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bad Santa.

Have you watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer lately? You know, the old one with the Abominable Snowman and Hermey the Elf and the Island of Misfit Toys?

I hadn't really watched it in years, but the kids watched it last night.

Holy crap on a pancake, Santa is a mean old bastard. Sorry, but that's the most fitting word.

He's really, really mean to Rudolph (and Rudolph's parents for having the audacity to give birth to a freak). I can see the other reindeer being mean because he's different. I can see kids rejecting misfit toys. I can see the other elves making fun of Hermey because he just wants to be gay, errr, a dentist. But Santa? Santa is supposed to be about peace and love and the Christmas spirit. He's not supposed to be making fun of someone born with a congenital defect.

I mean, would it be a classic movie adored by millions if Santa made fun of a kid with a cleft lip? Doubtful.

And you know what really chapped my hide? Santa wasn't all that remorseful about it until he realized Rudolph's defect could benefit him. If there was no storm that night requiring Rudolph to light the way, would Santa have said sorry? Who wrote this crap, anyway?

Oh, and if you do watch it, listen for the line about "getting the women home where they belong." Oh, 1964...

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