Monday, December 7, 2009

Mailbag Monday

So, based on feedback, a lot of you want this to be a weekly thing. Ask and ye shall receive.

Dear Brandi,

You know that restaurants are probably more disgusting than anyone's dirty kitchen, right?

Listen, there are certain lies we all tell ourselves just to get through the day. "My butt isn't that big." "My kids are smart and well behaved." "My life is better than yours." Whatever. We all have something we tell ourselves because we need to believe it. My personal lie is that all restaurant kitchens are gleaming and sterile and all restaurant employees are hygienic.


What's your favorite blog?

Ooooh. Good question. This was a tough decision, but I'm going to go with Salami Tsunami. I've read every single post he's ever written, and with the rare exception of the few that made me cry, they all made me laugh out loud. He writes well. He's witty. He's observant. He's logical and rational. All the things I wish I was. My only warning for some of you is that he swears occasionally. Well, O.K., a lot.

Douglass Diaries,

Why are CJane and NieNie still on your blog list if you find them SO annoying (which they're not, by the way. I find it hilarious that someone as annoying as you can often be has the gall to call others annoying!)

I kept CJane on my list because I'm still holding out hope that the annoyingness is a phase and she'll eventually get over it and go back to being funny and endearing and goofy. As for NieNie, I still think she has an amazing story and I want people to know about it. I want people to see that you can get through anything. I can be upset and annoyed about the financial issue I talked about, and I can still find some of her posts annoying for other reasons, yet still find the story she has to share one that I want people to read.

*Hate Mail of the Day*

This will continue to be part of Monday Mailbag, and here's the fun part: I want you guys to submit your own response (via the comments) and I'll choose the best one and use it as my reply to the author. I would love to just post the author's e-mail address and let you all have at it, but that's probably illegal, or at least against Blogger's rules.


I came across your site through a comment you left on [name withheld]'s blog. I was really enjoying it until I read your post about proposition 8.

Do you take the sacrament with the same hand you typed that blasphemous filth with? How can you call yourself a Christian let alone a member of the LDS faith and think for one second gay marriage is O.K.? I know you said that you don't believe it to be sanctioned by God, and you would not support it in our church but how can you even begin to think that a civil union would still be O.K.?

Also, I think you should know that the article you posted that was supposedly written by Elder Holland is false. My brother works for the church public relations in Salt Lake City and he said that the article was written and distributed by people trying to make the church look like it accepts homosexuality in some form. You need to let your readers know that the article was NOT written by an apostle. That article has spread through the Church and has led members to falsely believe that homosexuals can be upstanding members of the church and partake of the sacrament, hold callings and attend the temple. It's not true!

I think that if you followed the commandments more closely you'd find that your older son would cause less trouble and your younger son would be healed of his medical issues.

I will be praying for you,

[Hey Bonnie--the artcle I posted came directly from, and it also was printed in the Ensign. Your brother needs to check his facts. Or you do. One of you has been grossly misinformed.]

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