Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic: Bonus!

O.k., today is a bonus LTPT, and it's totally self serving. I need you to help settle a "discussion" my husband and I are having. And no, it's not even about the vacation (I think I've convinced him of a night in the Embassy Hotel overlooking the Christmas lights in Centennial Park in Atlanta with a trip to the aquarium and Ikea and some dining out). This is a different "discussion."

When you move into a new place, do you clean the bathrooms and kitchen before you move in?

I do. Even if it appears clean, I don't know the cleaning habits of the person who lived there before me. They may have used the same rag to wipe down the toilet that they used to wipe down the fridge (without washing it first). I had a roommate in college who used the same gloves she cleaned the bathroom with to wash the dishes (needless to say, I washed my own). So yeah. I clean the bathrooms and kitchen before we start moving in.

Will, however, says that I'm the only person he knows who does this and that it's because I'm crazy. I know that I'm germ-phobic, but I highly doubt I'm the only person who does this. But, maybe I am.

So, do you?

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