Sunday, December 6, 2009

Skinny Day

O.K., so most days I still feel fat, but yesterday I actually felt skinny so I took a picture. I don't necessarily look any skinnier, but just the fact that I didn't feel like a saggy cow made it worth documenting.

1. I've lost 120 pounds. 5 more to go...
2. There were no Spanx involved in this picture.
3. I know, I know. The two pictures are completely out of proportion with each other, so not a very good before and after representation. That's what happens when you let a 10 year old take the picture.

And no, I don't normally run around in spandex tops. We were getting ready to go for a family bike ride. In the cold.

I bought this shell just for my weekly bike rides. This was the first time I'd worn it.
A bird took a giant crap on it sometime during the ride.

And despite the layers, I still froze. The combination of nearly two years in The South and losing half my body weight has made me a complete sissy in cold weather. It was 39 degrees, but to me it may as well have been 20 below. What am I going to do when we move six inches from the Canadian border? You know, besides trade in my cute-but-not-very-functional winter coats for a real coat that's not very cute but will at least prevent hypothermia when I walk out the door.

One reason we went biking in the frigid air was to try out Liam's new tandem bike attachment.
We told Ben a million times to bring a coat. He refused. He froze. I didn't feel even a little bit bad.

Liam was a trooper. He lasted all 13 miles, with only one small dragging incident when he decided to just get off while Will was still going. Luckily there were no lasting injuries.

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